Women’s Rights and Shit

I’m all for women’s rights. Let me make that clear before I start on another rant. I support women in the workforce and I support women getting equal pay. I’m all for women being complete equals. 

Some times I feel that society and media need to show off a certain aspect of themselves, that they are all for those same ideas but I don’t think they are really doing it. It’s just a show. They may have a female lead in a movie or a manager or director or a CEO of a company but they don’t get paid the same and they certainly don’t get the same respect. It’s funny but everyone talks behind someones back but I feel like women get it the most. I’m no stranger to this. I openly joke with my family and my mother about how I wish that things were more like they were in the 50’s and women just stayed home and cleaned the house, took care of the kids and made dinner. Is that a just reality? Is that right? Not at all but some times I want those things to happen. Now I’ve had about four or five glasses of wine and I will continue until this box is empty, which it almost is.

One thing that bothers me is the movie industry. All of sudden we start seeing these movies with strong female leads. I’m not saying they don’t exist but I really don’t see them in society like that. It’s an infatuation with this strong hero character which was, up until now, reserved for a man. Again read between the lines here and see that I’m not hating on it but I don’t see what the uproar is all about. It seems we live in a time now where everyone wants their fair share of exposure. But is this really just a game that the media industry is playing with us? People are so fucking sensitive now a days. They cry at the first sign of a an argument or they cry about how this and that isn’t right or they cry about something that happens on a college campus.

I’m just going off here because I’m a little on the drunk side right now but why is Star Wars running away with all these strong female leads? Is it because the first six movies were all male leads? Is it because we now live in a society where if someone doesn’t include every single politically correct motive that they are some how wrong? That they are intentionally offending you? No. They’re not. They have a vision and they make a movie. Black Widow may be an avenger but in reality she is just eye candy and in reality Scarlett Johansson is a mediocre actress at best. You can’t say that she is that great of an actress but she certainly is extremely attractive. And maybe I’m wrong to say that but this is my website and you can stop reading any time. I really don’t give a shit. This is an outlet for my insanity.

So back to my main point. Are we going to see the next six Star Wars movies focus around strong female leads that are all about rebelling against the empire (or society as I see it)? Rebelling against what up until now has been the social norm. I must again say because I’m sure some of you are upset with what I’m saying and it’s not my intention and I don’t really care about your feelings but I am all for women’s rights and women’s equality. You want the rights then don’t expect me to carry your luggage to the car or take care of your kid at every moment or open the door for you every time we go somewhere or we get in the car. Those are things I would do anyway because I consider myself to be a gentlemen and I want to take care of a woman but it seems they want all this equality yet they still want men do to everything for them. You cant have your cake and eat it too, not in our capitalist society.

I got off track again. Star Wars. Why do we have all these female leads taking over? i’m not hating on the idea but in all honesty I wanna see a new Darth Vader or a new Darth Maul. They had way too many strong female characters in the Force Awakens and one of them you didn’t even get to see her face even though I consider her more of a bad ass then some of the men in the movie. Captain Phasma was a bad ass. She is a bad ass. In Game of Thrones she’s a fucking bad ass that you don’t wanna fuck with at all. Yet for some reason the most qualified women to be seen in the movie wears a Storm Trooper uniform the entire film. Now we have Rogue One which again seems almost identical to A New Hope but with a female lead instead. Is she going to turn out a Jedi? Or a smuggler? Or related to someone in the new Star Wars films to try and blow our minds as if we didn’t see it coming. Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars. Who doesn’t? The force is in is all.

In the end I’m not saying that women don’t deserve equal rights but even though they feature as strong female characters in books and movies they still are sexualized and sought after in a way that doesn’t seem like that was the idea the film was portraying. Is there anything we can do about that? Probably not. But if you cry enough someone might give you all of those freedoms and equalities you so desperately seek.

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