Bill Nye I’m High as Fuck

I’m really high right now. I’m watching Bill Nye Saves the World and all I can think is how it brings back memories of 8th grade science class and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. Everybody loves Bill Nye.

It’s hard not to laugh. Some of it is genuianely funny but at the same time it’s scary. He said that 2010-2020 will be the hottest decade on record. I mean, is Bill Nye wrong? How could anyone deny what he says as being wrong? Do you think Scott Pruit would deny the knowledge of one of every child in America’s most favorite part of 8th grade science class? I just don’t see how anyone could deny climate change. It’s scary.

It’s too bad this didn’t come out before the election. Certainly seems like it was filmed prior to it though. There’s talks of not voting for science denying politicians and encouragement to vote or not, but shut up if you don’t vote. I like that. Shut up, if you don’t vote.

It was a warm return for Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed what he had to say and was generally terrified by it. I mean, I’m high as fuck right now and I just wonder what some Trump loving pyscho would say to Bill Nye. Or maybe I don’t really want to know. Either way, deny all you want, when the water rises or Kevin Costner’s Waterworld becomes reality our children and grandchildren will be the one’s dying trying to save our asses. Some of you might not be saved, probably deserve it. I’m never having kids, so I think I earn a higher probability of survival.

Science rules.




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