Blu-ray Plastic Wrap

Why do they put so much sticky shit on the spines of Blu-ray cases? I can’t stand it! I don’t want some sticky residue all over the spine of my Blu-ray cases for some bullshit excuse about security. People will still steal it if they want to steal. All it does is drive people like me absolutely insane. I’m not OCD, most of the time, but it damages the case when you try to peel it off and if you do manage to get it off without damage it still leaves a residue behind that can make the spine almost illegible.

I think I’ve found a decent solution. I just bought the new release of Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film “The Hateful Eight”. I haven’t watched the movie yet; I bought it late last night and didn’t realize that it’s two hours and fifty-one minutes long. I’ll try to watch it tonight and will probably write about it. Definitely excited about it thoughNow, the solution to keep that sticky residue from staying on is pretty simple. No, it’s not rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone. It’s just a nice little trick for removing the packaging. I use a box cutter but any thin, sharp blade should do. I cut the plastic at the side where the case opens. Then pull the plastic off from the spine. Do this with some precision since pulling too hard could tear the plastic wrap and leave parts of it stuck to the spine. Once you’ve got most of it off you may still see where the glue is stuck to the case. Just pinch the plastic wrap together and pull slowly so that it peels right off.

After you’ve done that you can remove the sticker keeping the case closed. I typically will peel from the back corner taking up the entire sticker on the pack and then easily peeling it off the top and front of the case. I use that sticker to put the plastic wrap in a ball and throw in the trash.

I wish these companies would just make them the way they used to. Without all the sticky shit! It drives me insane. At least they don’t have every side covered in tape anymore. That was a really bad time. Hopefully that will help some of you out because I can’t be the only person that hates this.

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