Facebook People Make Me Feel Stupid

I was recently browsing through my news feed on Facebook and saw a good friend of mine’s wife posting some crazy shit about Donald Trump. I don’t want to get too much into him but just know that I think he’s the biggest piece of shit in this country, isn’t Charles Manson still alive? I think Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) and Dennis Rader (BTK) are still alive as well. 

Anyways, she posted a meme that shows Bernie Sanders saying people who work forty hours a week shouldn’t have to live in poverty. Below it was a picture of Jean-Luc Piccard of the starship Enterprise saying, “Then stop giving their money to people that work zero hours a week.”

Let me start by saying, who is they? The government, I assume, or the corporations that run this country? This is completely ridiculous. Unless you work for the government you get paid by some, probably, mega corporation that makes hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in profits every year. Where does that money go? Well after the CEO’s and share holders get their millions of dollars in bonuses I assume the rest goes to funding for the next year and any other expenses the company may need, like huge conferences all over the country with private air fair and fancy hotels and food for their high ups to lavish themselves with.

My point is that most people that do not work are either on welfare or retired or social security. You get what you pay into social security paid out to you monthly. You have to jump through hoops of fire to get welfare and food stamps and unemployment. My previous employer fought my unemployment and won because I had violated a policy they have. No matter what I did for the company, like individually selling over one million dollars for them, growing their business by setting up connections with small businesses and helping train the rest of the department in how to properly sell and create work orders, even after all of that they didn’t want to help me out in my time of need. I have a car payment and other bills. How was I to pay those things without a job?

The corporations are the ones fighting this. Wake up and stop stuffing your faces with fast food and genetically modified foods. They make you sluggish, they stop you from thinking, they make your body crave that same shit over and over. You wonder why you’re getting fat? Or don’t feel good. Look what you’re putting into your body. You’ll be on welfare soon enough when you’re disabled. Then you’ll be asking for money to survive as well. Do you think these people just sit at home and do nothing all day? I highly doubt it. They are most likely struggling to survive.

Open your eyes. When was the last time minimum wage was raised? Why is it that wages have stayed the same while the prices of food and other necessities have gone up in price and down in portion? Things are more expensive now then they ever have been. Why is fresh food so expensive and cookies and cakes and sugar is so fucking cheap? They don’t want you to think on your own they want you to eat and shut up, they want you to be dumb and agree with them. They don’t want a resistance to fight, they want you to just take your shitty pay and work yourself to death.

Donald Trump is the worst idea for this country and he is everything they say about him; a racist, misogynistic, anti freedom of speech and religion, bigot and honestly a complete idiot. He’s a reality TV personality at best. In no way does he deserve to be honored as the president of our great country. And yes, our country is already great. We are the most free country in the world and he wants to take that away from us. You cannot take peoples rights away from them because you want to. Hitler wanted to make Germany great again. Why do you think Trump is using that slogan? He even slept, for many years, with a book of all of Hitler’s speeches in it, on his nightstand. Who in their right fucking mind does that?

So ask yourself. Is the government fucking you over? Or is it the mega corporation you work your ass off for?

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