Religion is a Joke

The governor of Tennessee had to veto a bill yesterday that would have made the Bible the state book. What the fuck?! Why? First off, separation of church and state and second, have politicians lost their fucking minds? Not only are they trying to pass all of these religious bullshit laws, which is what I like to call them but, aren’t there really more important things out there to be dealing with? Is there nothing left there to do but create religious laws that limit the civil rights of other citizens? Maybe we should just got back to the 40’s and 50’s or better yet if you really want to take people’s rights away why don’t we take a step back a hundred years. Why don’t we just bring slavery back?

We have got to stop these religious laws being passed. Religions already have more protections than most corporations have. Do they even pay taxes? I also read an article on BBC a couple weeks back saying that most religious establishments donate less money to charity than the Red Cross and even some major corporations. I’m sure most of you probably want hard facts with links to this but do your own research. I’m just here to say how pissed off I am about the crap that is happening in these southern states that want to take away peoples rights.

I was watching Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman the other day and he had a guy on there that was basically able to predict the future using a pretty simple algorithm. He showed an example of how it worked. Using metronomes on a wheeled cart he started about twenty of them or so at different times. Within a few seconds the motion of the metronomes started to slowly rock the cart and they all synced up. It was pretty amazing to see. Morgan Freeman talked about the declining interest in religion as a whole. As the majority of people start to shift to a non religious way of thinking the whole of the people will eventually conform to this. They had predicted that within the next fifty years that religion would be in the extreme minority. It was very interesting to see and honestly it cannot come soon enough.

That doesn’t mean that there wont be people who still practice religion. It doesn’t mean that religions will be persecuted or that they won’t be allowed to practice. It only means that the majority will no longer need religion for whatever it is that they use it for now which seems to be taking people’s civil rights away. I understand that it must be scary to them to see more and more people turning away from religious establishments but we live in a time where we have rules and laws and a somewhat voice in how we run and govern ourselves. We do not need religion to be the voice of our government and the voice of morality. We don’t need it.

I’d really like to see these southern states focusing on crime, police training, drug rights, corruption, gerrymandering, etc. Religious laws should not have to be passed in this country and those laws represent a small minority and affect a majority of the people. I’m glad that Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr and more and more artists are coming out and cancelling shows in protest of these ridiculous laws. I’m also glad to see businesses pulling out on projects in these states. It’s only a matter of time before they repeal these laws. The fact that they were passed in the first place blows my mind.

Wake the fuck up! Stop these blatant attacks on US citizens civil rights!

I’m done yelling about it for now but I’ve got a couple more things to post. I’ve been slacking the past week or so.

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  1. Religion has ruled the world long enough. I’m always amazed that every so called Christian denomination (and I pick on them only because they are the major religion in the U.S.) believes that they are the only Christians who truly follow Gods word and therefore they are the only ones who will go to heaven, but still they will all band together to enact laws that take away civil rights from any non-Christians they deem unworthy at the time. Isn’t it time for us to be Americans first and leave our religious beliefs at the door when it comes to politics.

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