Today is the Day

Today is the day. Once again it’s April 20th, 4/20. I don’t know why but today is just one of those days where you sit around and get stoned all day. I’ve got a little bit of weed left and the storms have stopped raging for now but I wouldn’t mind them kicking back up again. Hopefully I have enough to last me through the day. I don’t wanna go out in the floods if I don’t have to.

Right now Viceland is playing Weediquette where your host, Krishna Andavolu, travels around the world looking at the impact that marijuana has on the culture around it. It’s a very interesting look at what happens in different parts of the world, who uses it, how it’s regulated and the lengths that people go to maintain, sell, grow and smoke or eat it. If you want to see what marijuana is really like I advise you to check it out. It’s a very well done show.

Besides that I’ve got some classic stoner movies with me to watch throughout the day as well: Dude Where’s my Car?, Dazed and Confused and Super Troopers. If you’re looking for some adventure try Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D if you have it and I know 3D isn’t a big deal but Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty amazing in 3D. You can also check out Indiana Jones, always great when you’re stoned. I’ve also got some zombie movies: Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead (original or remake) Return of the Living Dead (Pt 1, 2 or 3) and the classic Night of the Living Dead. If you’re looking for comedy/zombie check out Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness or Dead Alive (a Peter Jackson film).

Viceland will also be having, Traveling the Stars With Action Bronson, Ancient Aliens 420 Special, premiering at 7:00 pm. I’ll probably have to check that out since it looks  like Action Bronson sitting in front of a green screen of Ancient Aliens playing in the background while he smokes. The commercials are certainly entertaining.

Well there you have some great movies to watch or some great TV to watch but whatever you do, it’s 4/20. Sit back, relax, toke your favorite bong and laugh your ass off. With all the chaos that is social media and society in general, take some time to unplug from it and smile, truly smile. You’ll feel better I promise.

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