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I recently bought the M570 wireless trackball mouse by Logitech and I have to say, I love it. I have a computer I’m using hooked up to a 40″ Samsung UN40J5200 LED TV, mounted above a 65″ Samsung UN65JS9500 FALD TV, attached to numerous video game consoles through a Pioneer surround sound system, all controlled by a Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote. Still, something was missing. I needed better UI devices(keyboard/mouse) to control my recently built, high end computer with the latest generation CPU, Ram and M.2 HDD technology, which I’m sure will be obsolete in a couple of years.

I did a lot of research on the right keyboard and mouse combo. I’m not going to be doing a whole lot of gaming, if any, so I needed something wireless with decent functionality to create shortcuts in whatever work I do – whether it’s copying my entire(close to a thousand movies) DVD/Blu-Ray collection or writing this blog or working on my second book. In came Logitech to save the day. Now I’m not going to say that I will only use Logitech products but I like what they do. I also looked at Microsoft products but for close to the same price I get slightly more functionality out of the Logitech and the benefit of having one unifying receiver to control both mouse and keyboard. There was a man on TV getting stabbed to death in a violent way and I started thinking about it. The unifying receiver can also control an additional four devices. I’m not quite sure what else I would add but it’s something I should look into. This leaves one more USB port unused saving room for something else.  Okay, I looked into it and apparently I can control more wireless mice and keyboards. I’m not quite sure why I need that ability but the two for one thing is certainly welcome.k350-m570-galleryThe keyboard has several hotkeys that I’ve already customized from their default settings but most worked right out of the box. I’ve got quick access to my music, photos, media player, mail, calendar, and this website, plus W3 Gaming and Dualshockers. I’ve got an extra one that I haven’t assigned yet. Maybe that can go to the Harmony software?

And now the real reason for this rant: the Logitech M570 wireless trackball mouse. What can I say? It’s amazing. If you still use a computer, desktop or laptop, you should go buy one immediately. Costs $27.99 at most retailers. Worth it! Controlling the cursor with your thumb sounds weird but it is comfortable and easy. The contours of the mouse fit your fingers and leave your hand feeling rested. It’s a natural position that your hand sits in when you let it rest. The left-right buttons and the wheel (using my middle finger) move effortlessly and smoothly. There are forward and back buttons for web pages which can be reprogrammed to meet your personal needs.81pjpxn1w2l-_sl1500_My opinion – if you still own a computer you should certainly get the M570 instead of slapping your hand around on the desk like a flopping fish.

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